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What is Independent Living?

What is Independent Living?

Senior citizens are living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before. For many seniors, the transition to retirement is the most active and productive chapter of life. While many seniors are determined to remain in their own homes, independent living communities may offer a safer and more fulfilling alternative that can preserve a senior’s independence while providing a host of convenient amenities. 

Independent living can provide dynamic options to make the most out of your retirement years. So, what is independent senior living, exactly? Use the following guide to learn more about senior independent living, plus which amenities and services they offer. 


What is an Independent Living Facility?

Independent living facilities provide housing arrangements designed exclusively for senior citizens, generally aged 55 or over. Housing options typically include apartments, cottages, and freestanding homes within communities that offer additional amenities like housekeeping, transportation, dining, security, and social activities.

Independent living senior care housing plans are designed specifically for aging adults, often being more compact in size with floor plans that are easier to navigate. Most independent living communities also offer maintenance and yard services, allowing residents the freedom to never do another painstaking house chore.


What Are the Benefits of Senior Independent Living?

The purpose of independent living is to preserve a senior’s independence by balancing their needs. While residents enjoy living independently, they benefit from a sense of community and a full calendar of activities and events to promote friendships and happiness. Many communities have recreational centers or clubhouses available on-site to give seniors the opportunity to connect with others and engage in community events like holiday gatherings, arts and crafts, and movie nights.

Independent living facilities also offer help when seniors need it without intruding on their privacy or compromising their independence. With all the hassle of home and yard maintenance out of the way, plus access to additional support and services if needed, residents can focus on what they deserve: enjoying their retirement years and living each day the way they want to.

Many senior independent living communities offer the following amenities: 

  • A wide range of activities and events
  • Full meal service in a social dining experience
  • Access to an active lifestyle and a community feel
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Opportunities to socialize and create lasting friendships
  • Less stress and responsibilities, resulting in more time to do the things they really love
  • Well-maintained grounds with plenty of indoor and outdoor areas
  • Access to assistance when needed


Is a Senior Independent Living Community Right for You?

Making any housing change can feel like you’re giving up some of your independence. However, independent living is more about making your life easier so you don’t have to compromise your freedom. To determine if senior independent living is a good option for you, answer the following questions:


How Easy Is It for You to Maintain Your Current Home?

Maintaining a home can become a burden, especially when you’re transitioning into your most active retirement years. Perhaps you have a large yard that requires consistent mowing and landscaping, or maybe it’s becoming too difficult to clean the inside of your home each week. If you’d prefer an option that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, an independent living facility can provide more flexibility and choice. 


Is It Becoming Difficult to Connect with Family and Friends?

If you’re beginning to feel isolated due to mobility issues, you might find it increasingly difficult to stay connected with family and friends. An independent living facility can provide you with a built-in community of peers, making it easier and more convenient to socialize with others. 


Is Transportation Becoming a Challenge?

Spending time in the car getting to the pharmacy, grocery store, or other places that are essential to maintaining your lifestyle can be taxing. If you’re starting to feel less comfortable with driving, it may become harder to visit friends, keep appointments or pursue activities you enjoy. An independent living community may provide convenient transportation options to outside activities, as well as access to plenty of amazing, on-site amenities. 


Learn More About Independent Living

We understand there’s no “one size fits all” approach to retirement living. That’s why our community is committed to working individually with our residents and their family members to identify solutions that translate to greater convenience, independence, enjoyment, and peace of mind. 

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