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Safer + More Connected Memory Support
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Safer + More Connected Memory Support

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Symphony at Valley Farms

10201 Valley Farms Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40272
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Apartments Starting at $3,650

A Holistic Approach

With memory support at Symphony at Valley Farms, people living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia benefit from evaluation-based care and strong relationships with specially trained team members, in a secure, intentionally designed environment.

Residents and their families can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing a kind helping hand is close by to offer individualized support.

Memory loss often causes disrupted physical and mental daily energy patterns. Day and night cycles can be reversed, leading to poor sleep, apathy, anxiety and decreased appetite.

Our DayPulse approach to care and engagement programs adds structure and predictability to daily life, by providing a consistent daily routine based on the energy patterns of those living with memory loss.

The benefits of Daypulse can include:

Each day’s routine is structured around three distinct energy levels.


As a licensed assisted living community in Kentucky, we offer the following care and wellness services:

  • Dressing/Undressing Support
  • Assistance with Toileting Needs
  • Continence Management (not including supplies)
  • Assistance with Mobility Needs
  • Escorts To and From Meals and Events
  • Medication Management including the Ordering of Prescription Medications
  • Coordination with Outside Healthcare Providers
  • Mealtime Assistance
  • Status Checks
  • Weight and Vitals Monitoring (if physician ordered)
  • *as allowed by state regulations/licensure

Thoughtful Details

Team members trained in dementia care offer residents clear, distinguishable choices when dressing, dining and participating in programs.

Walking, stretching, and games help residents maintain flexibility and mobility, and can help limit cognitive decline.

Residents dine together to encourage meaningful connection. Vibrantly colored plates make food more visible to impaired eyes.

Secure indoor and outdoor spaces encourage independence. Furniture designed for older people is arranged to promote connection. Artwork is carefully chosen to invoke a sense of comfort and place. Lavender-scented towels and aromatherapy diffusers help relieve stress and enhance overall mood.

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