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People are as starry eyed about us as we are about our residents

Here’s what real people have to say. Share the love and let the world know how much you enjoyed your experience.

Jill N
St Augustine Plantation has been wonderful as my mom moved from Assisted Living to Memory Care a few months ago. The director Emily has gone above and beyond in helping mom through Feb covid and several new challenges. She really cares about mom and... everyone. She spoils her and us too by sending us photos and even FaceTime with mom! She plans many fun activities for them as well.We got daily updates from the staff during the recent covid also, very reassuring. Asya is very helpful, experienced, and caring and Tammy also spoils mom and loves her. Med tech Jay and also Emma and Lorenzo are so helpful. I can’t name everyone in this review, but the team has helped us adapt and learn how to respond to mom when new challenges occur. We feel comfortable knowing she is in caring more
Mark K.
My mother was only at St. Augustine Plantation for one year but the care was always exceptional. From the staff that cleaned her room to the medication deliverers to the dining room workers, they all treated my mother with care and respect.
june S.
Shauna and Krystal are a phenomenal team!!! They are always looking for ways to make the residents feel loved!Octavia is also wonderful.
Dot S.
1.Olympia is amazing with Jim2.Also Shawna in the dining room makes every meal a great occasion.3.The chef Derrick is to commended for the exceptional meals.
Lynn G.
The entire staff at St. Augustine Plantation deserves a shout out! They are all extremely helpful and responsive, which is worth gold. I'd like give to Asya, head of the medical staff, an individual shout out. She has made the transition for my... Dad to a new doctor a breeze and is always there to help with a smile. My thanks and gratitude goes to each member of the staff - you are amazing!!read more
Terry H.
Almost a year ago, I did the most difficult thing of my life in placing my mom, my best friend, in someone else’s care. It had come to the point that I could not assure her safety without help and took the steps to explore my options. The Team at... St. Augustine Plantation Memory Care helped me at every step of the way. During my several conversations with Nicole Jermyn and while doing my tour I was introduced to Dominique Stafford who I did not know at the time would be my savior during this process. From the day that I brought my mom in to leave her at memory care without her knowledge of what was going on, Dominique was there. She took mom for a tour and I had to make a decision. It was suggested that I leave without trying to explain or reason with my mom as this would be easier on her. I could not fathom just leaving her but agreed that it may be less traumatic for her. I on the other hand, instead of being relieved was traumatized. Dominique, Megan Griffin and Nicole all reached out to me during the 7 days that I did not visit with updates and even texted photos to show that mom was ok. Maybe not happy and a bit confused but ok and safe nevertheless. During the last year, many things have changed for mom and I and her disease has progressed. I have met many wonderful people who have been there for me and for mom. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to care for someone else’s loved one and try to do it as they were your own family but I feel that most everyone I have come in contact attempts to do just that. I have texted and called Dominique more than my share of times for updates, assistance and just to check on mom and have never been met with anything but care and compassion. She has gone above and beyond several times for myself and for mom to try and make this impossible situation less difficult and it has certainly made a difference. I think of her as my friend now. I can sleep at night knowing that mom is not only safe but cared for. I am in a local Alzheimers support group and have heard horror stories of poor treatment or no responses to concerns and I have luckily not experienced this. Dominique does not do it on her own but she is my trusted go to. I have met several special people who I would like to mention by name. BJ, Tammy, MJ, Robin, Erica, Krista, Kenya, Tye, Reisha, Jai and several others that I am sorry I cannot remember names for at this time. I am fully aware that this is a field that has incredible rates of turnover but most of these people have stuck it out and I want to acknowledge them. Without Dominique and the SAP Team, I don’t think I could have survived this last year and am eternally grateful and pray every night that those who care for my mom are blessed. I have asked on several occasions for Dominque to promise she will not leave me or mom. This Team in my opinion are so worthy and deserving of acknowledgement if not through raises, at least a wonderful break-room makeover. If any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Terry Hall with loved one Helen Hall in the more
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