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Disaster and Emergency Plans

Let our preparedness be your peace of mind.

Natural disasters and other emergencies have, unfortunately, become a more frequent part of our lives. This poses a unique challenge to older people who rely on family members for help with meals, medications and transportation, may not have air-conditioned homes, and may not be able to react quickly in the event of hurricanes, wildfires, heatwaves, power outages and flooding.

Backed by the national resources of management company Elegance Living, we offer families a better way to manage the stress of increasingly frequent weather events and emergencies. Here’s how:

  • Backup generators and seven-day food supply
  • Backup medication and care supplies available through our pharmacy partnerships
  • Highly trained staff on-site 24/7/365 to make sure residents stay safe and have the support they need
  • Fully air-conditioned apartments and common areas
  • Frequent updates and communication with families
  • Shelter-in-place and evacuation protocols updated annually
  • Regular staff training on response to disasters that may affect the community
a person smiling with her arms around an old person