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Our Philosophy

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

We believe a thoughtfully designed environment filled with good neighbors and a caring staff, along with nutritious food, accessible exercise programs and opportunities to connect and engage every day, are the right combination for optimal living.  

For older people living alone, these important elements can become harder to maintain – making home a challenging, unsafe, even lonely place to be.  

That’s why we offer a community for older people where living is easier, surroundings are safer – and together is better.  

Four senior female friends, connecting over a good story and laughing. From left to right - Caucasian woman with shoulder length blond hair, wearing a pink t-shirt and stone colored pants, big smile on her face. Caucasian woman with shoulder length light brown hair, laughing, wearing a flowery blouse and long beaded necklace. African American woman with short gray hair, wearing a yellow linen blouse and beaded earrings and necklace. Caucasian woman with bob length blond hair and light pink top.


Life-Enhancing Design

From augmented chair heights with armrests that make maneuvering smoother, supportive handrails and wide walkways to a 24-hour personal call system, optimized lighting – every detail is designed to make life safer and easier.

Senior couple chats at table together. Caucasian man, on the left, has glasses and is wearing a black and white short-sleeved plaid shirt, with a cream sweater draped around his shoulder. He is holding an open book and has his elbow on the table with his hand on his face. Caucasian woman has short white and gray hair and is wearing a sleeveless white linen top and light tan khaki pants. She is sitting in a wheelchair. In the background is an older gentleman talking with a caregiver.


Discreet Support

Enjoy greater independence with discreet care ranging from medication reminders to assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming – and access to daily exercise opportunities and better nutrition go a long way in enhancing overall well-being. 

Senior people having a vegan lunch together. Photo shows hands passing a plate of vegetables from left to right. Plate includes roasted zucchini, tomatoes and salad. The person on the left is wearing a long-sleeved red jacket. In the background is a large salad bowl with salad. In the foreground is a glass of red wine.


Where Together is Better

Unlike living at home alone, meaningful interactions with neighbors and strong staff-resident relationships are part of daily life at our community – and programs that promote participation and engagement are right outside your apartment door.  

Caucasian older woman with bob length white hair in soft white cardigan, red shirt and denim pants, cuddling with a Beagle while sleeping on sofa. Sofa is tan and there is a black and white plaid pillow under her next and upper back.

Nourishing the body and mind

See how nutrition and a full calendar of programs and events create greater well-being.

a person and person standing in a room