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Group of four cheerful senior friends, two men and two women, sitting at table and enjoying talk after playing cards. From left to right: Man, white hair, wearing glasses, a white button down and gray vest. His hands are crossed and resting on the table. Woman, gray short hair, blue and white striped button down, hands are folded together and resting on the table. Man, with gold rimmed glasses, olive green sweater, hands are expressive as he talks. Woman with her back to the camera, long brown hair in a low ponytail, light blue sweater. Deck of cards rests in the middle of the table.

Memory Support

Strong Resident-Staff Relationships

Residents living with Alzheimer’s or dementia benefit from holistic support including strong relationships with expertly trained staff as well as an individualized approach to care with a focus on sensory therapy, active engagement and nutritious diets; all in a secure neighborhood intentionally designed to help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with memory loss.

Supporting Those with Memory Loss

Residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia benefit from a safe environment and thoughtful approach to live connected, joyful lives.

Individualized Care
Staff trained in dementia care support the needs of each resident with a focus on clear distinguishable choices throughout the day. We also tailor our care with mood stabilizing lavender-scented towels and aromatherapy diffusers to calm, de-stress and enhance overall mood.

Research shows that regular exercise for those with dementia or other forms of Alzheimer’s can potentially help limit cognitive decline. Residents enjoy walking, stretching, and games that help maintain flexibility and mobility.

Residents experience daily programs that stimulate the senses through music, the arts and exercise along with group outings to stay connected and engaged.

Dining Together
Mealtime is another opportunity for residents to connect with each other. Dishes served on vibrantly colored plates help residents see food more clearly. The Creative Kitchen program activates smell and taste while residents cook alongside culinary staff and reminisce over delicious meals from their past.

Life-Enhancing Design
Secure indoor and outdoor spaces encourage independence, and furniture designed for older people is arranged to promote conversation and connection. Memory boxes with personal mementos are placed outside each resident’s door to help them find their apartment. Artwork is carefully chosen to invoke a sense of nostalgia and place.

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