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People are as starry eyed about us as we are about our residents

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Kim H.
Woodholme Gardens is the best place for my mom. She loves the community activities, especially sip and paint! I have the confidence that she is receiving the best care.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kim for your wonderful review! We're thrilled your mom loves the community activities at Woodholme Gardens. Your confidence in our care means a lot to us. We're dedicated to keeping her happy and engaged! Kind regards, Alison
Kimberly G.
I’m visiting from Arizona. Regina is phenomenal with the clients. As she served dinner she danced and sang to the clients. I saw many of them smiling and laughing. She brought joy to theentire room. It’s wonderful to see someone who loves theirJob and serves the patients as if each one was her own family. Well done Regina.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kimberly, for sharing your positive experience! It's heartwarming to hear about Regina's interactions with the residents. We'll be sure to share her kudos with to ensure she is recognized and celebrated. Warm regards, Alison
Mr G
Woodholme GardensI was excited about the transition and what Woodholme claimed to offer its residence. I had already developed a pre-conceived idea of how such a facility was like based on my limited exposure of what I had seen on television. Yes, I was a bit worried but still anxious!The move-in was flawless but the first few weeks of coordination were a bit rocky. The staff members appear warm and welcoming despite the few hiccups I faced. My family worries often, and I can always count on them to help resolve issues no matter the situation. Staff members have made honest efforts to ease my transition and suffice it to say. It seems that some members are more enthusiastic than others regarding service which can be expected. I understand this is the time that each of them is learning how to collaborate with me and providing the required services as I too am learning each of them. I do look forward to engaging with all of them for a more enjoyable relationship with them all.I have been here for just short of a month, and I have found my stay to be comfortable. I have gotten to know some of the staff members, and each have shown professional courteous attitudes toward me. At this time, I will not dwell on the things that are not right because I have faith in the staff that they will correct those issues that happen from time to time, but instead, I’d like to acknowledge all the employees for their services and the demanding work they do every day. I know it is not always easy working in this environment with so many people relying on you for so much. My sincere thanks to each of them.I would like to personally acknowledge Ms. Janice who has been one of the attendants who help with my care. She always makes it her mission to stop in and check on me. She has often taken the initiative to do things that are the duties of someone else. I cannot thank her enough for always being concerned about my well-being and making me feel special and welcomed. Ms. Janice has a warm caring heart that flows from her gentle presence. She has always taken my concerns serious and addresses them promptly. I never have to remind her about an issue. If she says she will address the issue or get someone else to address the issue, she does exactly that.I would also like to make an honorable mention for Ms. Vanessa who consistently show caring and compassion every day. She has gone beyond to make my living here at Woodholme Gardens so pleasing and enjoyable. I would like to let everyone know that she has truly found her calling for caring for others.Additionally, I would like to thank Ms. Shaunett D. the Med Tech. She was one of the first persons that saw me on a regular basis and from day one, she made me feel like she really cared. She would often talk to me and put my mind at ease as she knew this was all new to me. She exemplified the care, knowledge, and professionalism that I expected from all the staff and should serve as a beacon for others to strive to emulate her service for me and others. Thank you so much for your kind words and caring smile, it always make my day better.I cannot forget the concierge team. These women are often the first call for help. Their days consist of countless tasks and so many people making so many requests of them for service and help. You all are a part of the backbone of the infrastructure and responsible for the machine to run well. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for always being so nice and smiling. I know it cannot always be easy to cater to all the demands, but you deserve the utmost respect for the important roll you play in maintaining Woodholme Gardens as you perform you difficult, demanding jobs.In conclusion, I would like to share my thanks to the entire leadership team that assisted with my transition. I know you all work extremely hard to accommodate the residence here at Woodholme Gardens and it absolutely shows with the talented staff and beautiful facility that is our home.Betty C.
Response from the owner: Thank you so very much Betty C, for your most sincere and thoughful review of Woodholme Gardens. We will be sure to thank those team members you have mentioned, as well as ensure they are recognized and celebrated. We hope to earn 5 Stars from you in the future and are very glad you have joined our family and community! Warm regards, Alison
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