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How we’re showing gratitude in May

We’re giving back by caring back.

Mothers, nurses, our own team members – throughout May, we’re celebrating caregivers. We’re recognizing their important work, focusing on their needs, and replenishing their wells of energy and compassion. In other words, we’re giving back by caring back – and inviting all to share what inspires them about their mother on Facebook. 

Come see how we’re showing gratitude for caregivers of all kinds this month at one of our featured events.  

Get Involved

Here are two ways you can participate in The 2022 Grateful Give Back!

Share your act of gratitude on Facebook or Instagram with #GratefulGiveBack.

Tell The World

Join one of our featured events. Check the Engagement Calendar of an Elegance Living community near you.

Find A Community

We’re setting out to achieve 2,022 Acts of Collective Goodness

The thousands of wise people we’ve served over the years have taught us how important feeling grateful – and paying it forward – is to personal well-being and a better world. So, with helpful hands and joyful hearts, we’re setting out to achieve a goal of 2,022 acts of collective goodness in 2022 – from the humblest “thank you” to the grandest gesture. We’re tracking our good deeds with and sharing them with the world on our Facebook and Instagram pages with #GratefulGiveBack.

Here’s how we’re showing gratitude each month:













Good Deeds Are Happening Near You

Check the Engagement Calendar of a nearby Elegance Living community to see this month’s featured events!